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DIGA progress in Germany

Is France falling behind in the deployment of its digital medical devices compared to its neighbors?


As of mid-February 2023, of the 42 DIGAs listed, 16 DIGAs have been admitted and can be consulted by patients. A classification by pathological group or brand name of the devices included in this program is emerging. A pricing model which is structured with prices varying from €119 to €952 per quarter and the submission of manufacturers to a fixed maximum amount varying according to the pathology group to which the device belongs, the DIGA status (permanently admitted or trial) and the number of activation codes delivered.

​STATUT DU DIGA : Admission à l’essai

​STATUT DU DIGA : Admission permanentes

2 000 codes

80% du montant max

Montant max (pas appliqué la première année d’inclusion)

10 000 codes

60% du montant max

75% du montant max

A system very favorable to digital DMs:

- With patients better monitored and actors in their health (a very accessible system);

- An adaptation of the system to the solutions presented;

- Stable and fairly high redemption prices with low degressivity.

A few points to consolidate:

- 26 DIGAs with no evidence of efficacy after one year are still in the trial period with temporary coverage;

- An increase in the average prices for the DIGAs under test is observed, whereas the "permanent" DiGAs have a constant or slightly decreasing price.

Wouldn't it be time for France to rely more on this success to consolidate the launch of PECAN to finally enter the digital health race?

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